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Vineyards & Winery

As you drive into the entrance of the 40 acre property, there is a block of vines as you turn into the resort... then a small test vineyard roadside, below some of the 1 bedroom rental cabins. The main vineyard at Paradise Hills stretches beyond the centrally located Lodge with the winery production building alongside it. Our vineyards were originally planted in 2012 with a variety of grapes to include Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Reisling, Chardonnel, Traminette and Sangiovese. The vines are closely managed and cultivated with specific seasonal techniques to enhance their growth and enrich the grapes' quality. Here, we strive to balance the region's impact on the grapes with our personal vision of the finest wines.
Local wine with a European flare.
Our vineyards and farm winery are a family operation that involves every member of the Lander family and Paradise Hills family. Each member is contributing to every aspect and stage of the process... from Grapes to Glass.
Grapes to Glass (winemaking) is a process that we believe is an evolving, forever-learning craft that we are passionate to endeavor.
Stop by for a visit and let us share our Paradise Hills with you.

Tasting Room Information

Welcome to Paradise Hill's Wine Tasting Room. Our tasting room has resumed regular hours of operation, 7 days a week. We are encouraging hand washing & masks at our location and social distancing for seating options, inside and outside. Our guest's health and safety are always our primary concern.

We offer 3 types of wine flights to sample our wine. 
Classic Flight $15 ~ Sweet Flight $20 ~ Winemaker's Flight $30 w/ souvenir glass

We also offer craft beers & hard ciders in bottle and an assortment of cheeses, charcuterie platters and warm tapas (appetizers)

No Outside Food or Beverages brought to the winery tasting room Please. 


We are open 7 days a week.

Our hours of Operation are:

Thursday, Friday & Saturday –
12 noon to 6 p.m.
(last tasting to begin at 5:30)

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
(last tasting to begin at 4:30)
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Reservation Required for groups of 8 or more.
Group Wine Flight offered.

$45 per person includes sampling all PH wines and souvenir glass.

Email or call us toll free at 1-877-745-7483.

Give yourselves at least 60 minutes to complete a group wine tasting.

VIP Tours

Fridays and Saturdays Only.
Experience the winery like no other...

We offer a 1.5 hour tour of our vineyards, winery production and a private sampling of our Estate and Reserve wines. Leave with a souvenir wine glass and extensive knowledge of what Paradise Hills puts into each and every glass of wine. Be a VIP.
$55 per person
Make reservations at 

Cheese & Food Availability

The Tasting Room offers delicious Locally sourced Artisan Cheeses and Tapas (small plates) to choose from. Our Menu is subject to change depending on availability/season.

(please do not bring outside food into our tasting room area)

Unplug and enjoy the views.

Before You Come

Timing is Everything

Like most wineries, Paradise Hills has limited tasting hours and closes at 6PM. If you arrive before 5:15 PM, you can get in on the last tasting of the day. We will never rush you. BUT, please don't arrive five minutes before closing time and expect a walk-up tasting at the bar. It takes time to learn about our wines and enjoy a tasting.

Each winery has different hours for tastings. And some even have restaurants that can accommodate you and your group after 6PM. So survey each property's seasonal hours and offerings BEFORE your trip.

When you do arrive at Paradise Hills, please remember we are small family farm winery that aims to #makepeoplehappy, but there are limitations to what we can offer. We want everyone to have fun, so please treat your entry and visit like you would if you were invited into someone's house or home. Children should be under your control at all times. Pets are welcome on our wine patio but not inside our tasting room.

A tasting room is not a bar... it's for sampling. Many wineries offer seated tasting or a table at which you may enjoy a glass of wine, but first—taste the wines and decide what you would like to order by the glass, then move on to the designated area

Group tastings are welcome. We recommend that if you have a group of more than eight (8) tasters, you make reservations before traveling up, to allow preparation for your visit. Also, we offer a special Group Wine Flight for 8 or more. It includes a sample of all the PH wines as well as a souvenir wine glass. We cannot offer a la carte wine flights for larger groups. 

We also urge everyone to do some "mapping research" way before hitting the limo or car. These are beautiful rural destinations off the main pathways that don't always match a Smartphone or GPS mapping service. Driving directions are on the website.  
Tasting Tips
1- Have a nice meal before beginning your tour -- Never taste on an empty stomach.
2- Designate a driver! Everyone wants to get home safely. Bravo if you've hired a car service!
3- Fragrances can interfere with the flavor of wine and disrupt your neighbors as they taste. Perfume, cologne or body spray can interfere with your smelling senses. There are 1,000's of smelling senses and only 5 of taste, you get the picture...
4- Mint and Chardonnay? Not a likely pairing. Loose the gum way before you taste!
5- Have a cracker or some bread to clear your palate before you taste and in between wines so that you can actually taste the difference.
6- Once you begin your tasting, please stay at the bar until you finish. Then make way for others to taste. Don't come and go with your glass. It is harder for your server to keep track of what you've tasted...and the order in which you taste makes a difference.
7- Your wine pourer is a wine salesperson...not a bartender. It's their job to educate tipping some wine! If you just want to drink, skip the tasting and order a bottle to enjoy on the deck or in the designated area.
8- Know your limit! If you would like to taste and are feeling tipsy, have some water...a lot of water. Ask your pourer about spitting...most wineries can offer you a discreet vessel for spitting. Wineries also have the number of a taxi service if you have had too much.
9- Many wineries are small family businesses; you are visiting their home. Treat it as such. Never touch the vines! Grapes are delicate things!
10- Have fun, be respectful of others, and listen to your server- they have invested a lot in their education about the wine they pour for you. You just might learn something and find a whole new way to enhance your next meal or entertain your friends at your next party. Ask questions! People love to know that you are interested in what they do... and what they pour! 
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