Group Wine & Beverage Service

Paradise Hills Winery Resort is a fully licensed and insured FARM WINERY with some restrictions on private events.

We cannot allow any outside alcohol on premises.
No outside wine, champagne, beer or spirits.
This restriction will be strictly enforced, as it jeopardizes our licensing.

Wine: We offer several types of wines created here at our production facility (winery) for your event. All wines are prepaid prior to the event for ease. We offer a 10% discount to all wines.

For budgeting and estimating your needs, we recommend an estimate of 2 glasses of wine per guests. There are 4 glasses per bottle.

Beer: We offer several options for craft beers from our distributors. All beers are cans and require prepayment. Any remaining beverages are sent home with your party.

Children >3 years
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