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Better Health Weekend Activities May 6 -7

We still have spaces available for some of our exciting Better Health Weekend activities! 
Each of the activities listed below are $65 per person.
For more information or to secure your place, email

Hot/Cold Therapy

 Experience the benefits of sitting in the sauna to increase circulation and then cold plunge. Benefits include elevated energy, recover, immune support, anti-inflammatory response, pain relief and stress relief.
Get a better night's sleep.

Guided Mountain Hike

Starting at the Appalachian Trail, you will be guided by an avid trail hiker and safety specialist. There will be discussion on proper hiking equipment, hydration and safety. The group will hike approximately 2 hours at a moderate pace and see some off the trail special spots. 

Posture Alignment Therapy Assessment

Get a private evaluation of your body's alignment and posture using posture alignment therapy by certified therapist, Robert Lander. You will be provided with exercises to help improve your posture and create a pain-free life. Follow-up one-on-one sessions available in-person or virtual for lifestyle changes.